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Thank you for joining our Protect the Vote Sabbath!


As a reminder, your goal is to have a 100% voting congregation, meaning that every person in your faith community who is eligible to vote takes all necessary steps to cast their vote. This starts with making sure each member of your congregation is registered to vote.

Here are the actions for this month's Protect the Vote Sabbath:

  1. Download and play the below video during your weekly service.

  2. Have your congregation check their voting status using the given QR code.

  3. Have any member who is not registered to vote register using the same QR code.

  4. Invite your members to help Get Out the Vote by signing up to join a BCAF Text-a-thon or Phone Bank.

  5. Preach a sermon about the importance of civic engagement, voting and/or social activism. Sermon ideas and outlines are below.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at for assistance and support.

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